oct 2014 - present
I run the studio's game design department, leading teams making educational, training, site-specific, and medical games for a range of audiences.
Project highlights:
  • Lead games designer on the new Happy Studio app for McDonald's, offering a range of playful experiences around popular brands for kids aged 3 to 12.
  • Lead games designer on Adventure Cards, a game that's a guide to the British Museum, currently available at the Museum's Family Desk.
  • Lead games designer on the upcoming commercial release of Tyrant, a game for US publisher Amplify that gets kids aged 8 to 12 to think like an ant colony.
Recursively Made
apr 2012 - oct 2014
Designing, producing, and writing games for various clients through this small children's digital media agency.
Project highlights:
  • Lead designer/producer on dress-up and football games for JeemTV.net, Al Jazeera's site for 6 to 12s.
  • Design and content lead for City Kicks, writing and producing games, videos, and comics for Manchester City FC's site for young supporters during the 2012-13 season.
  • Development producer on pilot "first issues" of interactive digital comics for five CBBC brands.
BBC Children's
jun 2008 - mar 2012
Designing and producing games and other digital experiences for the CBeebies and CBBC websites as Development Producer. Highlights included work on accessibility for children with special needs, systems for templated games, and helping devise CBBC's social gaming strategy.
Project highlights:
  • Bamzooki Smash, a quick-play browser bug-battle game.
  • Something Special Out and About, a highly accessible suite of activities and games for preschoolers with special needs.
  • Beaker Party, a flash game made for the popular Tracy Beaker brand which racked up 3 million plays.
  • Dick and Dom Let Rip, a launcher game featuring the kids' comedy duo.
  • CBBC Staring Contests, interactive video stare-offs against popular CBBC characters, with the player's webcam detecting blinks.
  • Blue Peter Keepy Uppy, a popular webcam motion game released for the World Cup.
Freelance Designer / Producer
1999 - 2008
Project highlights:
  • Designing and writing informal learning games for kids for NESTA's Planet Science site, including games on nutrition, phylogeny, and KS1 botany.
  • Storyboarding and animating about 150 short films on primary and secondary school subjects for US educational site Brainpop.
  • Creating several hours of Flash animation and interactives for Global Education Network's college-level Chemistry course on CD-ROM.


CBBC Staring Contests
Interactive webcam videos starring Iain and Hacker, Tracy Beaker, and Young Dracula, live on the CBBC website from February 2012.
Robert's Inventions
Episode 4 of the first season of Justin's House, first aired on CBeebies on October 16, 2011.
Wild West World
Episode 6 of Season two of Kerwhizz, first aired on CBeebies 14 March, 2011.
In the Car
Episode 9 of Nuzzle and Scratch: Hoof and Safety, first aired on CBeebies 15 March, 2010.

Volunteer work

Firefly International
2005 - present
I am a founding trustee and former chair of this charity, which works to overcome boundaries around the world through friendship, education, and the arts. I also ran the Bosnian part of its youth exchange programme until 2014.
2004 - present
Copywriting and proofreading for online encyclopedia.
Distributed Proofreaders
2003 - present
Proofreading, scanning and preparation of public domain ebooks for Project Gutenberg. I am proudest of Edward Lear's Nonsense Books


Bachelor of Science with Honors, 1997: University of Massachusetts at Amherst.