Freelance Digital Producer/Designer
apr 2012 - present
Recent projects include
  • Designing and producing dress-up and football games for JeemTV.net, Al Jazeera's site for 6 to 12s.
  • Writing and producing videos, games, and comics as the Content Editor of Manchester City FC's site for young supporters for the 2012-13 season.
  • Development of pilot "first issues" of digital comics for five CBBC brands.
BBC Children's
jun 2008 - mar 2012
Designing and producing games and other digital experiences for the CBeebies and CBBC websites as Development Producer. Highlights included work on accessibility for children with special needs, systems for templated games, and helping devise CBBC's social strategy.

Project highlights:

Selected Freelance Projects 1999-2008

Planet Science
may 2007 - jun 2008
Writing, art, and project management for UK science learning website for "all children who study science and the teachers and other adults who support them."
  • The Little Watering Can, a science game for pre-literate children, part of Planet Science's KS1 Playbox.
  • Smoothie Operator, a game using real nutritional data which let kids experiment with nutrition by blending everday foods.
  • Biodiversity Masks, with an accompanying website about the five kingdoms of life.
aug 2004 - jun 2008
Storyboard, animation and research for more than 150 educational Flash shorts aimed at primary and secondary school students.
An example: Interest.
International Action Network on Small Arms
nov 2007
Maps and other infographics about the international arms trade for a Gun Violence: The Global Crisis, a printed booklet published by IANSA.
Capitol Community Foundation
sep 2005 - oct 2006
Character design, research, storyboard, and animation for cartoons for adults explaining the principles of Child Protection and Participation.
Ironbound Films
mar 2006
Storyboard, art direction, and Flash animation for a short piece for Cisco Systems, detailing the incredibly low-budget adventures of some distribution superheroes.
Global Education Network
jan 2002 - apr 2003
Several hours of Flash animation to accompany lectures for college-level history and chemistry courses on CD-ROM. I also designed the graphical interface used by students to navigate the course.


CBBC Staring Contests
Interactive webcam videos starring Iain and Hacker, Tracy Beaker, and Young Dracula, live on the CBBC website from February 2012.
Robert's Inventions
Episode 4 of the first season of Justin's House, first aired on CBeebies on October 16, 2011.
Wild West World
Episode 6 of Season two of Kerwhizz, first aired on CBeebies 14 March, 2011.
In the Car
Episode 9 of Nuzzle and Scratch: Hoof and Safety, first aired on CBeebies 15 March, 2010.

Volunteer work

Firefly International
2005 - present
I am a founding trustee and former chair of this charity, which works to overcome boundaries around the world through friendship, education, and the arts. I also run the Bosnian part of its youth exchange program.
Svitac (Firefly Bosnia)
2005 - present
I built the website for this Bosnian charity, and helped make a comic book with children from Brčko, Bosnia at the charity's 2006 summer camps in Savudrija, Croatia.
2004 - present
Copywriting and proofreading for online encyclopedia..
Distributed Proofreaders
2003 - present
Proofreading, scanning and preparation of public domain ebooks for Project Gutenberg. I am proudest of Edward Lear's Nonsense Books


Bachelor of Science with Honors, 1997: University of Massachusetts at Amherst.